• It is my purpose to bring glory to God by fulfilling His call on my life to assist Church planting in the Mountain West in obedience to the Great Commission.
  • It is my purpose take my 37 years in the ministry as a former Church planter, Pastor, Conference speaker, Bible college professor and invest in the lives of Church planters in the field of my calling.
  • It is my purpose to supply the Mountain West with partners to assist in planting churches.
    • (Partners = Church Planting Teams, Church Planting Assistants, Apprentices, Helpers and Laborers)
  • It is my purpose to build a bridge of opportunities between students preparing for the ministry in Fundamental Baptist colleges and the Mountain West.
  • It is my purpose to build a circuit of Churches where my wife and I will assist more than one Church planter at a time.
  • It is my purpose to partner my ministry with World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions as a Church planting coordinator for the Mountain West, thereby giving me, students, churches with resources, and churches with needs a place of financial and theological accountability in this missionary work.

Mission Statement

To provide Church Planting resources for the reseeding of America’s Mountain West.