Church Planting

Ministry Timeline

Initially, I will be serving as an Assistant Pastor/Church Planter at Northrange Baptist Church in the Denver, CO area. While primarily functioning in the Assistant Church Planter role, I will begin raising my personal support for my role as coordinator. It is during this first phase that I will discover the present Church planters, determine their level of needs if they request it, offer them opportunities for summer help, build the circuit of churches where I will serve in after the first two years, and target areas where we will be able to get new Church plants begun.

My role in the ministry:

  1. To serve as a Church Planting Assistant.
    1. In my role as Church Planting Assistant:
      1. I will assist the local Great Commission efforts of the Church.
      2. I will assist the Church planter as an Assistant Pastor.
      3. I will provide resources to the Church planters they might not be able to afford but will need in the areas of:
        1. Family Conferences
        2. Marriage Conferences
        3. Missions Conferences
      4. I will offer advice to the Church planters from my 37 years in the ministry.
  2. To serve as Church Planting Coordinator.
    1. I will discover Church planters in the region.
      1. I will inform them of my ministry and offer assistance.
      2. I will offer them opportunities for trained laborers, and Church planting apprentices for their Church planting efforts.
      3. I will offer to come for extended periods to personally aid them with whatever their request. Such requests may be to:
        1. Preach messages on the home, missions, or revival.
        2. Train their people in Soul Winning and discipleship.
        3. Provide Pulpit Supply for the Church planter to get much needed rest.
    2. I will develop a circuit of churches where I will coordinate burdened people with the places that have church planting needs.
    3. I will offer Church planters three resources:
      1. The Apprentice Church Planter
        These will be young men in training for the ministry who want practical ministry opportunities in the Mountain West. They will come initially from Ambassador Baptist College. Then as the ministry grows, from other fundamental Baptist colleges.
        They will be men who will visit, preach, teach, and labor along side the Church planter. They will work with children, youth, and adults, for a full range of practical ministry experience.
      2. The Trained Laborer
        These will be teams of people from churches burdened for the Mountain West. They will be trained for the task needed by the Church planter. These people will help with VBS, BIble Clubs, Evangelism or Building projects.
      3. The Assistant Church Planters
        These will be men who have a call from God to serve in the Mountain West. They will move to the region and work with Church planters and eventually go out on their own to start a work.
      4. The Church Planter Helper
        These will be young ladies who desire to help in a Church in this region for the summer. They will assist in music, teaching, and teen girls.
    4. I will target areas where no Church planter works and seek to help get churches planted.